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    New to Site -- Need advice on setting up Habitat.

    Awesome habitat and Otto is gorgeous! It looks like you did a great job doing your research. Good luck with everything!
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    Sold as Ambilobe is it really?

    Whatever he is, what a beautiful chameleon! Awesome colors! I got my captive bred at a reptile show and he was labeled as a blue bar ambilobe, but with his blue color, I always wondered if his real origins might be from Nosy Be.
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    Weird habit - nipping at ring

    I only take my panther chameleon, Bailey, out when he wants to come out (paws at the front door) or for cage maintenance, but when he does crawl out on my hand, he has a weird habit. He likes to nip at my wedding ring. Has anyone ever run into this before? Just curious. Thanks.
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