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    And we've got babies!!!!

    Coast How much will one of these new babyies coast ?
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    Baby Ambanjas- pics

    Baby's are you looking to sell the baby's if so how much ?
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    k. oxyrhina copulation

    Can't See Hey i can't see any think you can open the screen door it's in my
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    Like Father Like Son(Ranger baby):D

    Baby's I'll need a boy also.;)
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    A big chameleon.

    Guess My guess is it's a chameleon,,,,,LOL
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    Texas June Bugs

    Would it be ok to feed my Chameleon what we call June bugs here in Texas ? Phyllophaga is a very large genus (more than 260 species) of New World scarab beetles in the subfamily Melolonthinae. Common names for this genus and many other related genera in the subfamily Melolonthinae are May...
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    Junebug Feeders

    Can you feed a chameleon junebugs ? here in Texas it's getting that time of the year we see alot About us | Products | Shop | Contest | Shows | Links | FAQ | Testimonials | Contact content header Welcome to! Canadian Feeders is a company...
  8. Member Album by mld9373

    Member Album by mld9373

  9. Bad Hair Day

    Bad Hair Day

    So you think you had a bad hair day.Not so just look at rose.
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    The cutest thing you've ever seen!!!!

    Egg's I'LL take three egg's over easy.LOL,how much for the baby's,when their ready to ship.
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    MY Panther boys are both 1 Now!!

    Cham Very nice boy'z. They look very healthy.Wish I had them my self.
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    My handmade chameleon cage

    Cage Nice cage,sorry about the sick chameleon.
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    Romeo the Sambava Sunning

    Cham Wow,can you ship that stud to me.He looks sweet.
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    Furcifer pardalis Ambanja blue breeding video (Full HD quality)

    Chameleon Porn that's the best porn i've seen in year's.where did you order the incubator from.
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    New Faly Introduction

    that's even closer,I live in tyler,just 2 1/2 from fort Worth.
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