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    How little is to little?

    The pet store I'm helping out at got in a baby veiled yesterday and it is only about an 1 1/2" to 2" long. I would think that would be to young to sell yet so I was just curious if it is?
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    Feeder to Fatten up Gizmo?

    Here is a picture. And I would take him to the vet but I just don't have that kind of money and bill is $150 just for the office visit. That's not including getting anything tested. I also read that males don't always have the spur on their back foot. When he got mad and saw his...
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    Feeder to Fatten up Gizmo?

    I'll give those a try, I just wasn't sure if those were good choices or not. Thanks :)
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    Feeder to Fatten up Gizmo?

    I'm currently gut loading crickets and was wondering if there was a worm that I could give him to fatten him up. He came to me with his ribs showing and the crickets aren't working much. He's eating because I watch him when he does and I feed him every day. I would try silks or horns but they...
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    cage cleaning

    I used a spray I got at work called Healthy Habitat. It's made to clean reptile cages and is 100% all natural. It is also water based and can be used on the plants as well as any other cage decor. :)
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    Bearded pygmy suggestions?

    I would also try some fruit flies. :)
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    He's a cutie :)
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    I need some feedback to make corrections plz

    The top is screen. Sorry forgot to mention that.
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    I need some feedback to make corrections plz

    Wow I didn't even know they could be tweeked like that. Thanks!
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    I need some feedback to make corrections plz

    Chameleon Info: • Your Chameleon – Male Flap neck Chameleon, around 5 months? He’s been in my care for about 3 weeks. • Handling – Once ever couple of days • Feeding – Crickets (6) every day, I gut load them with Fluker’s Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet. Offered some Supers but wasn’t...
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    What are you listening too?

    In the Dark by The Birthday Massacre
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    finally heres some pics of my new nosy be female...:)

    Aww congrats :) I think Peach is a cute name for her!
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    Non reptile people just don't understand

    Lol I've had several guinea pigs and yes they are SO cute. I'm a person who loves her sleep and when I would move at night they would *squeak squeak squeak!* :mad: lol :D
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    I'm really hoping your little guy pulls through and that it's something that can be cured. My thoughts are with you and your little guy!
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    More Gizmo

    I see you...! Just hangin out. I took this picture this morning and he was sleeping like this with his head on the leaf and it was so cute!! He woke up as I was taking the picture.
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