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    Big thanks

    Hey everyone, I know I have not been around much but I just wanted to pop in and leave a happy story for the health clinics. I spent a lot of time reading the forums before bringing my little friend home, I felt very secure in my ability to take care of him. But as will all new adventures...
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    Clothing color and chameleon reactions?

    Makes a lot of sense, color is a primary identifier for many animals, usually those with bright colors and very good eyesight! I also noticed he does not like anyone besides myself and my wife near his hab. So he def recognizes people.
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    What are the best live plants

    Greets and welcome. I would not call myself experienced... yet. But I have This List on my phone so when im out i can do a quick check. I also have lots of Pothos in my cage, as well as Ficus Benjamina ( Weeping Fig) and Purple Passion I just put in there im trying to grow up the Ficus...
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    I forgot to ask V.V which reminds me i need to do that, but guessing on size i would say 4-6 mo
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    2 weeks-ish till phoenix expo!

    It was so very crowded I decided not to take pics. Cept this one. Sunday when I showed it was elbow to elbow across the whole floor.
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    Let's see your enclosure

    24" x 24" x 48" I think being here in AZ i should have got an enclosure with a few plexiglass sides, it's been difficult to keep the humidity up. On the other hand the temperature stays pretty even throughout the day and it nice to be able to attach the plants to pretty much anywhere I want to...
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    Guess Who

    Gratsie! babies are the super cute!
  8. What else?

    What else?

    Feeling a bit inspired this cold morning so I went and picked food stuffs for my gut load. I have been working with 16 square feet of soil in my backyard to try to start producing some fresh food stuffs for myself and my family. Its not much but anything helps these days. As you can see The...
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    1st Chameleon and it's a Veiled

    Grats and enjoy your new friend!
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    That's a little better. I can see a new camera in my future! lmao And yes where i live it is indeed the year 2173!! I was worried about the enclosure being just right but I think I am just a nerd and worry too much.
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    100 0779

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    100 0781

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    Yes that's the plan, He clearly needs some time before i go poking about! OMG how could i forget! Thanks everyone!
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    Meet my new guy! After 6 months of planning and purchasing my gem has finally arrived. No name yet pretty much dead heat between Ichiban and Professor Moriarty. Got him at the Phoenix show on Saturday morning from Kent @ FLChams. Great to work with and answered my silly questions. Thanks Kent
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    2 weeks-ish till phoenix expo!

    Bummer, I forgot to check back here both days! :mad: I prolly talked to you Syn.
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