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    I fear the worst....

    cant be sure but i think yoshi may be experiencing a prolaps. here's a recent pic, he's been up all night and i can tell he's very uncomfortable. is there anything i can do? Im going to try to take him to the vet tomorrow but i can't be sure if i can make it there, plus im basically broke. any...
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    I sent them an email regarding that ointment. Since I'm pretty much working during the day for the next week idk if I can make it to the vet anytime soon. He also opened his eye about an hour ago, here's some pics. It doesnt look too bad, but he does have a little bit of build up around the edge...
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    I awoke this morning to find Yoshi having some sort of eye problem. He can't seem to open is left eye all the way. It's open ever so slightly, and I know he can slightly see with it since the eye will follow my finger when I move it. But the eye stays mostly closed and I can tell it's bothering...
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    What is this?

    thanks carlton! ill keep an eye on it
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    What is this?

    Today I noticed a small discolored spot on Yoshi's side. I looks like one of his scales is swollen, and the scale it's self looks like it's lost its color. Is this anything to be concerned about? If I had to guess I would say it's a cricket bite but since I've never seen one I really have no...
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    He's all grown up

    beautiful chams you have there. your male has some nice red, almost purple baring, very nice :)
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    Small Casque on Veiled?

    im pretty sure there's only one type of veiled. sunburst is just a designer name given to veileds with a certain coloration but anyway, DChalo you should post a pic of your cham.
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    He's all grown up

    not really sure, the website only showed a sample sire. i think he might be related to Gaven but now that i look at the screamelelons projects list he looks very similar to so kool
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    He's all grown up

    he actually wasn't all that much more than most of their 3 month olds. $350, but worth every penny.
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    He's all grown up

    just some more adult pics
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    He's all grown up

    I thought I would start a tread on showing Yoshi's growth over the last 7 months. I received him from Farrah and Vincent of Screameleons as a 6 month old. His colors have really come and I really couldn't be happier with him. Feel free to add pics of your chameleons growth over the years! :D
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    What substrate is best

    i like paper towels as opposed to a bare bottom since it makes cleaning a lot easier.
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    good misting system?

    mistkings are great and without a doubt worth every penny. you can also buy an AquaZamp system which is as good if not better than mistkings since they now have the raindome add on. don't bother with the habba spit, it should even be called a misting system in my opinion
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    My chameleon has a ton of problems suddenly:(

    probably the most effective and cheapest way to give a chameleon water is a dripper. You can make one by poking a small hole in the bottom of a papper or plastic cup. just make sure the water drips onto some leaves in an easily reached spot, and you may need something to collect the extra...
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    Lighting for my panther

    I would get rid of the black light and switch to a regular house bulb like Hoj said. As for the uvb light a 10.0 might be too strong, which could result in eye problems. Most of us use the 5.0 with ZERO problems.
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