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    What size lights do I need (newb question)?

    Veiled Cham, and I have to double check. I cant remember right now as I am out of town for work and will be back tomorrow. But Its the lights I used for his previous enclosure which was 36x24x24...much smaller. If I have to guess, I would say its the zoo med deep dome light kit with a 75w...
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    What size lights do I need (newb question)?

    My chameleon is about a year and a half, and I upgraded him this week to a 48x48 XXL cage after recovering from MBD. (I had temporarily down graded his cage to a smaller one to prevent injury, just in case). So now that he is back in a bigger enclosure, can someone help me out with light...
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    New enclosure and I need help.

    So I got a repti breeze enclosure, dimensions are 24x24x48 and I think it's a little big for my 5-6 month old veiled. It might as well be a mansion compared to what he is in now (16x16x28, DIY). Now I need to upgrade everything, can someone give me a heads up with a link to what light kit he...
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    DIY Enclosure

    I thought about doing the same but I ended up just getting a cage for $93 on ebay. Dimensions 24× 24 × 48 I didn't realize it but its HUGE, now my only is how the heck am I gonna furnish it for my Cham.
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    Cham only sheds on his head?

    So I had my veiled cham since he was a few weeks/month old (october), he would shed fine and everything. But here is the weird thing, the last 2 sheds, his head hasn't been shedding and all of a sudden today....his head finally shed.
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    Skittles on gaurd duty

    How do you feed a blind cham? Must take a lot of trust and consistency.
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    Misting time mystery

    What kind of mister are you using?
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    My latest rescue

    Poor little guy, hope he gets well soon. Nice cage for him too, never would have thought to use a parrot cage.
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    I think my Cham hates me :(

    OK got it, yeah I'll give him his space and see how things go. I feel like I'm being an over bearing parent haha.
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    I think my Cham hates me :(

    No, not really. I have him in the dining room, kinda of near a window but it's covered with a shade.
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    Succulents grown in the shape of a Chameleon

    That's awesome, wow.
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    I think my Cham hates me :(

    Alright so my veiled chameleon use to love me, he always use to walk on my hand and etc. I got him (early October) when he was a couple weeks old, always green, happy, and looking good. Well now, I moved to a new place and I may have transported him incorrectly. I left him in his open air...
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    Will fruit flies bother my chameleon?

    Don't Cham''s have thin but tough skin? Shouldnt be a problem I guess.
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