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    I dont have pictures this second but Orion is 218 grams now! When you all last saw him he was I think 60 g.
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    Big pretty girl !!
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    Hammy and Ivy Baby Thread

    Happy hatch day April! What a beautiful little lady!
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    My veiled chameleon is unusually friendly and adventurous!

    How is everything going?
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    Best place to order a panther

    Jd, you constantly ask for good breeders but then get so defensive of the ones we say are bad, or don't take the answers we give. Why ask in the first place if you wont listen to the advice? If you need the evidence of why these dealers are bad, there is a search at the top of the page. We can't...
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    Fl Chams

    They also are really bad with communication. And some have had bad experiences with them in general. It's something you use your own good judgement on honestly.
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    Fl Chams

    My boy was healthy when he got to me aside from possibly coming to me with coccidia, which has seemed to be the case with a few other members chameleons as well (bought from flchams). If it were me I would look elsewhere first. Coccidia is no joke. But it could've been coincidence. I believe you...
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    My veiled chameleon is unusually friendly and adventurous!

    Personally I pick 8-12+ different greens, veggies (and a few fruits) and blend it all up. Then I add some bee pollen and bug burger (commercial gut load), measure into ice cube trays and freeze. Just dethaw for use. Lasts for months especially if you don't have tons of bugs. If you cant do this...
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    My veiled chameleon is unusually friendly and adventurous!

    Anytime, as Becca said tail tip looks good. Appreciate that you are willing to do everything. I personally use critter depot (because they are cheaper for the amount of bugs I need), but I've heard good things about josh frogs, lindasgonebuggie, and rainbowmealworms. Make sure you aren't too far...
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    My veiled chameleon is unusually friendly and adventurous!

    Chameleon - Male Chameleon, around a year old, not exactly sure. He has been in my care since he was about 1-2 months old Handling - Every 2 days or so, really just to put him on his tree. Feeding - Wax worms, Super worms, Dubia Roaches. Feeding Every other day, sometimes a little treat in...
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    My veiled chameleon is unusually friendly and adventurous!

    Ok so he can get way too close to that 10.0 uvb. You should switch it out for a 5.0 and the distance from highest branch to the 5.0 should be 8-9 inches. Until then you have to put 11-12 inches distance between him and that 10.0. Him being able to get so close to a high power bulb is giving...
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    White Spot on my Female Panther Chameleons Eye Proper Cage Setup Lighting UVB Guide Heating Guide...
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    Chameleon closed both eyes

    just ducking in to say that the vast majority of chameleons (especially veiled) do not tend to be 'friendly'. My boy is about to turn 3 and still has a special kind of hate for me, lol. They are very much a look-dont-touch type of animal. Most people can form a trust between them and their...
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    Meet Lily, Our New Family Member

    Jann has been keeping for years and years, very far from her first rodeo. Believe me, she knows what she's doing! Those pics with Lily's eyes closed are from when she first acquired her. :) Lily is so beautiful. Looks way better then when you first got her! She will live out the rest of her...
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    Does He Look Happy?

    Also this is an amazing resource, definitely use the crash course!
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