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    Aaron update

    I made a post a little while ago on my Jackson Chameleon Aaron. He has been good since and I think he is pretty happy. I have worked on his cage and I just wanted to share to get some feedback. Thank You all .
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    My Jacksons Chameleon Aaron

    thx, this pic is from when i just made the cage so i added more, i would say the same. Thanks again
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    My Jacksons Chameleon Aaron

    ; Thank You so much. I do have him on a lighter supplement schedule than my veiled. I will take your advice on the pothos and branches. That cage was made that day so it was newly decorated. I will do the form below. hameleon Info: Your Chameleon - I have a Jackson's chameleon- he is around...
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    My Jacksons Chameleon Aaron

    Hi, i'm new to chameleon forums and I know there are a lot of smart people on here. I have a Jackson's Chameleon and a Veiled Chameleon. I have had my Jackson's Aaron for almost 3 months now. He is juvenile and seems pretty healthy and happy. I have some pics of him and his cage below and i...
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