Rainbow (The Stud)

Rainbow (The Stud)

Ambilobe 15 months now. Handsome Boy.
Thank You So much .He is a gorgeous Boy .He got the busy going on last month.
So we have some clutches coming in Nov 2017. It Happened Rainbow & Klaheesi eggs Now 26 of them. Next week should see Rainbow and Wild Child eggs soon her belly is full. She has been digging into the sterile dirt.(y)
This is Rainbow first and the Ladies also .
@Stinger I am officially jealous! :cautious: someday, I will be able to get into panthers. I hope...:oops: They are so beautiful, and being a more friendly species than veileds... Avast, I must settle for drooling over yours!:love:
Please don't be jealous . You will get there soon. Rainbow is Beautiful.
Here some news so far ,from the two ladies he had we have so far two clutches first lady 26 eggs ,second Lady 19 eggs . Sad news though Lady two Wild Child after laying her eggs ,4 days after she passed away. Due to compaction of dirt she took in while digging . The breeder took her in to the vet ,but nothing could be done ,They tried suctioning ,but it was bad . This was Wild Child very first clutch . So our feelings of these 19 eggs little ones are very special to us .
They will be hatching around November 2017. Our decision is we are going to hold back let them grow out for those gorgeous colours ,besides being Pure Ambilobe Panthers Yellow Blue Bar. I know for a fact you will be getting a Panther.:)(y)
@Stinger Then you must know something I don't know! ;) Sorry your dam didn't make it. :( That has to be just heartbreaking! At least you are going to have offspring from her. Hopefully you get some with the same sweet temperament. I didn't know that they could ingest dirt in the process of digging.

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