Poor Hummingbird
Mango the Mad Muncher decides to eat a pretty large hummingbird that made the mistake of hovering around her Hibiscus tree...I don't know how she got it down but by the time I got my camera out it was already almost completely swallowed

I hope he does not have any problems digesting that. Great picture.
Wow! Last weekend I had the same experience with my female Veiled, but I didn't have a camera ready to take any pictures.

Fortunately, my Veiled spit out the hummingbird instead of swallowing it. I suspect that the beak may have poked her as it was going down. She chewed it up pretty good though. The head of the hummingbird was all crushed and bloody. It was gross. :(

I agree with you. Hummingbirds better beware of chameleons!

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