Funny Chameleon Eating a "Celery" [Walking] Stick

This is my lil chameleon boy. Just chowing on a Walkingstick like it's a piece of celery, holding it and munching it.

@BlueSky - I know, that's like my favorite part. He could of just munched it right out of his hand but nope, he went to strike at it with his tongue again!! :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:

At the very end (like 5 minutes after I stopped recording) he finally just bit the last piece out of his hand and swallowed it up. Probably the coolest feeding time I've ever seen with him.
Omg!!!! This is hilarious! Totally freaks out after catching the walking stick, then forgets that he's holding it. Lol I love this, good quality and beautiful colors!!!!
@K_Wolf - the quality was a bit blurry at first cuz I honestly wasn't ready for him to nab it as fast as he did so I didn't have my camera focused in yet. He literally struck at it within seconds of me putting it in the cage. With the size it was, I figured he would just stare at it a bit.

I got pretty excited too. That's why I had to put music in the video instead of using the original audio cuz I'll be honest, I was so surprised and amazed that I let a few choice words spill that wouldn't of made it a kid-friendly video as required.

Glad you enjoyed it though! Thanks!
@trickedoutbiker haha! I feel you, any videos I take and post I make sure to clear the audio from....for one I can't stand hearing my own stupid voice, but mostly because I also tend to bring G-rated to X-rated realllllll fast xD my baby veiled caught and swallowed a huge mealworm yesterday that I intended to give to my 5 year old, but it was early so......yeah. Before I could even take the worm out, he had already caught the thing and half of it was hanging out of his mouth....I was in such awe that for one he managed to grab it, and second that he swallowed the entire thing without choking or attempting to break it. :confused: I think I had a mini heart attack

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