World Chameleon Species Tour begins!

Good Morning! I am working with Jurgen Van Overbeke to give a tour around the world to introduce the community to the world's most prominent chameleon species! So every week we will feature a new species. Jurgen will be offering his insight as one of the world's most active breeders of different chameleon species with each entry.

The purpose of this series is to introduce the community to the wide range of species that are in the chameleon family and develop an appreciation for the diversity. The breeder's notes will be high level and are not meant to be a recipe. Jurgen often uses the terms such as "room temperature with a slight drop at night". Many highly experienced breeders do not use numbers. It has become an art. For now, just accept the ambiguity and understand the general message being given. Detailed care sheets will be another format and another time. This tour will be a shot in the arm of wonder!

Of course, every journey needs a starting point. And for this one, we will make landfall on the western coast of Africa on the beaches of Cameroon. It is as we trek into the lowlands that we will encounter our first chameleon species!

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