The "V" word

By carol5208 · Jul 3, 2012 · ·
  1. Ok people, get your mind out of the gutter! I am are not talking about female body parts here!. :p I am talking about the "V", as in VETERINARIAN!!!. All too often I see on here people coming to the forum for help with an ill or dying chameleon. In many of the cases the animal needs to see a vet as we recommend. Too many times the response back is: " I cannot afford a vet". What I would like to say is if you cannot afford to seek medical treatment for your chameleon(or any other animal that you own), then don't buy one!!! As a responsible owner of any pet you decide to take on a "vet fund" should be established prior to your purchase. Evaluate your financial situation and determine if it is really something that you can afford.
    Owning a chameleon can be an expensive hobby with just one or two with feeders alone. Please think twice about purchasing a chameleon if you cannot afford to get it medical attention if the need arises. They are prone to a number of illnesses that require veterinary attention and if that does not fit in your budget then please pass on buying one. Thank you!!!


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  1. ReptileLove18
    i completely agree! just read tonight about a terribly emanciated cham that really looks ill and obviously needs a vet visit and it makes me sad! :( if you take a creatures or for that matter a persons life into your hands, be prepared to care for it
  2. skittles1234
    I told my chams to get a job if they want to see the vet! Kidding of course. People shouldn't buy any animal without taking into cinsideration it's health needs. They are like children and you wouldn't deny your child of antibiotics, so why do it to your animal?
  3. HolyToledo
    So right you are!

    I learned the hard way how much vet visits can cost! I was in trouble with my family and friends because I spent ungodly sums of money on vet bills that I was supposed to be spending on my own doctor bills.

    Funny, Twister went to the vet and I did home-care/remedies for myself or did without. I even got behind in paying rent so that he had his medical care. More people need to do the same for their pets they have taken on.
  4. sandrachameleon