The Ultimate Cage for Babies Hatchlings Neonates Pygmies Any Small Chameleon Part 2

In this part I add vinyl coated hardware cloth to increase climbable surface area. This is important so that the chameleon does not spend all day pawing at the sides. The mesh also provides excellent attachment points for branches. If you copy my construction exactly you will really minimize pawing but I'm not gonna explain exactly how.

(If you use this guide please credit me by providing a link to this page and provide me with a url where you have used it)


Attached with a drill and twist ties:

End side bent to accommodate top:

Top basking platform in open position hinged with twist ties. This part is critical because it creates maximum area in the coveted space near the basking and UV light. With all this space you will have less incidence of babies crawling on top of each other and stressing out the whole bunch:

See part 3


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