The balance between Vitamins D3 and A

I will be exploring the link between excessive doses of oral vitamin D3 (hyper-vitaminosis) and the appearance of low vitamin A levels (hypo-vitaminosis ). There has been controversy in the past on wether or not it is safe to give vitamin A as retinol to chameleons versus only vitamin A from beta carotene. It has still not been determined if chameleons can convert beta carotene to retinol for use in the body. Currently vitamin A supplements are in vogue. There is evidence that chameleons eat some prey items that contain retinol, snails, small mammals and birds. While I would not stop people from giving both beta carotene and retinol I would caution them to be very judicious with retinol. It is a fat soluble vitamin like D3. D3 is stored in the liver for up to 2 months Vitamin A is stored for up to 6 months. Any toxicities will take even longer to correct.

***Work in progress check back for more later***


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