The first step is to gather your supplies. You will need:

One 2 ft x 4ft sheet of egg crate (light diffuser) plus scraps I had around. I purchased at a local Box hardware store. They have smaller pieces available for use in aquariums on Amazon for smaller projects. Search egg crate light diffuser.

Eight cans of Great Stuff Foam. Some use the Black Pond Foam (more expensive), but the new Great Stuff smart dispenser nozzles are worth the price. They make it so you don't have to use an entire can at a time. I use the Great Stuff line Gaps and Cracks because I am not looking for a huge volume.

Over 15 tubes of GE II Black Silicone caulk (Amazon has a good price) use black and or brown in case any is uncovered it will blend into the coco bark.

Exo terra or eco earth coco husk- I bought three dried bricks and had plenty left over. I found the bricks have the best consistency for these projects. Rehydrate the bricks slowly using just barely enough water. The material should not be damp when you adhere it. A little bit of moisture helps keep the dust down and helps for good adherence. If it is at all wet it does not sick as well. A good way to do this is to dump it into a plastic bin/tote, or a wheelbarrow if you have one you won't be using.

20 or so cheap craft chip brushes (not foam brushes)

Small pair of wire cutters for cutting egg crate (but almost anything can be used)


OMG I love you!!!!!! This is the step by step for what you did for your large clearside that you show pics of right?

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