So far, the Mercury-Vapor bulb is okay

I was kind of worried that the MVB would be too strong for the babies. After some research, I ended up putting it about 6 inches above their cages so that it shines down into both of them.

Poppi loves it and is right up as close to the top as she can get. Prometheus spends some time up at the top but most of the time, as the day progresses, he finds somewhere to get out of the light. He seems to like it a bit cooler and darker than Poppi likes. That is exactly backwards of what I was hoping would happen. Now, I'm thinking that I am going to have to raise the light a little more. The basking temp up right under the light is between 82-85 and I know that is too warm for little girls.

Attitude wise, Poppi has continued to become more relaxed and friendly around me. Prometheus, on the other hand, has not calmed down at all. He is such an unfriendly and unsocial little guy! If he is anywhere close to where I am reaching, usually the feed bowl, if he isn't running away, he tries to bite me! Nasty little beast. But, I still love him and he is adorable when he doesn't know he's being watched.

Figures I just couldn't get as lucky and have a critter anywhere near as friendly and loveable as Trooper Twister was. But so far, even Miss Piss was more friendly and social than these two are.

Oh well, these are the "joys" of chameleon keeping...


Its the long term impact of MV lights that worry me. They emit a great level of UVC which is known to be bad for eyes and reptile skin.

Yet they are very popular so I do not know. UVC is absorbed by the atmosphere when coming from the sun, but not sure on the bulbs.

I just recall stories in the newspaper of rec centers having to close down to replace the bulbs due to some going bad and causing kids to get sick while playing in the gym. And a gym light is alot further away than a light on a reptile enclosure.

Keep us posted!
I have been using them for atleast 4 years now. great bulb but how hot they get...i dont recommend for every species.
I did end up raising the light up so that it is about 10inches above their cages. It shines out farther around and Poppi is still right up as close to the corner basking most of the day. Prometheus seems to enjoy it now that the light is a bit more diffused and shines in a wider pattern. He is staying in the light most of the time now. I will continue watching them closely and keep you posted... :)

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