Simple gutload / bug food

  1. basic feeding of your feeder prey does not have to be expensive or difficult :)

    You probably eat some fruit and veggies every day, so save a little of that for your bugs (the ends or peels off of carrots, leftover squash, a few leaves of romaine or mustard greens or arugula from your salad, the pulp leftover from making fresh OJ, share some papaya, give them the piece of apple fruit you didn't eat because of the bruise/brown, maybe some basil, a steamed yam, etc)

    Keep in mind that some vegetables should be used only very infrequently - like spinnach and potatoes. (the second link below will give you more info)

    Compliment your veggies with some pre-mixed dry stuff:
    • dried herbs (go to the bulk food section, get the cheap Italian seasonings or similar)
    • ground dried alfalfa makes a good inexpensive staring base (protein, calcium, vitamins including K)
    • great to add some powdered seaweed and/or algae, like kelp, spirulina, nori (iodine, calcium, magnesium, protein)
    • a handful of ground (raw, unsalted) seeds and nuts (such as sesame squash millet and sunflower seeds, almonds) (B vitamins, folate, potasium, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, lecithin, protein, Vitamin K)
    • some brewers yeast (B vitmains including folic acid, chromium, selenium)
    • a bit of ground dried berries and/or other fruit, like a few raisins or dried papaya (sweetness, vitamins, antioxidants)
    • a bit of dried coconut (anit-goitrogenic effect, saturated fat, omega 6, minerals)
    • Bonus stuff added from time to time: some dried dandelion leaves and/or other good leafy green (calcium, vitamins), stabilized rice bran and/or crushed barley (vitamins, minerals), garland chrysanthemum, bee pollen
    If you want to take it a bit further, consider:


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  1. sandrachameleon
    both ways work. I myself give chucks and slices of one or two veggies or fruits -quite a bit of variety in any given month. other people blend a bunch of things together and refrigerate or freeze until needed. freezing can destroy B1
  2. xraygirl
    I have a question :)

    Is it better to give your crickets chunks of the various fruits and veggies, or blend it all up and give it to them? I've been giving mine a variety of slices of orange, pears, cilantro, apples, blueberry halves, carrots, etc
  3. Beautiful4Ever
    Thanks so much for this! Was given incorrect information for feeder food and this helped me a lot :)