Petsmart mission

Well folks, I decided to start a project that is not only needed but will save chameleons lives and petmart money (not why I am doing this)

I have seen on countless occations where sick chameleons are on this board and they are from pet store locations!

Not only do I plan to educate them of proper care for the chameleons but also provide better husbandry at there locations!

I vow to see changes! I will see healthier chameleons and this is my plan!

1. Notify corperate
2. get them to carry proper supplies for chameleons
3. have a correct care sheet for the chameleons they sell (veileds)
4. I will get them to link this site on the care sheet for further questions and assistance.
5. I demand healthier chameleons and proper knowledge and attention!

Please join me in making this a top priority! Help me to get them to realize this is a serious issue and its not all about money, its about a healthy chameleon and proper care!

thanks for your ears (eyes)

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This is a good cause.
I know Frans (dodolah) had a recent event at a local Petsmart. I've seen caresheets at these places and assume they have an official source; do you have a copy?
So there is no way to email Petsmart. I looked and looked but I did see a number to Corporate and I called them. Ironicly they are located here where I am in Phoenix. When I called I asked if they could provide me with a care sheet for the Chameleons they carried. She told me that I could be tranfered to a local retail store and they can assist me.

So I said thank you for that but I have one last question. I said where do you get your information from how to properly take care of the Chameleon's they sell?

She paused for a second and then replied "Why do you ask, are you doing research on these Lizards?" I said I was just wondering due to seeing that the requirements needed for these Chamleons differ from how you keep them in your locations...

She asked for my name, number and all that jazz saying she would love to get some information about that and would contact me back when she has it...

Phase one complete. Next phase, the follow up!

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