Only attracted to fruit flies

By Progrmor · Dec 3, 2013 · ·
  1. Offered Stella the same meal as yesterday, and just as yesterday she ate nothing. Im worried. She seems weaker since she dont climb around as much any more. Altough, I threw in some fruit flies before bedtime and she started hunting! But these are way to small for her now and dont really provide her with the needed intake of food in my opinion. I have a theory. She is scared of the feeders in the cup (Roach) and dont mind eating the other ones in there. Im going to provide her only with mealworms tomorrow just to make sure she gets something in her belly.

    Im open for suggestions about this fellas. I love that girl and dont want to lose her!

    // Prog & Stella


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  1. Progrmor
    Ah I see.
    No, I have an order on a Reptibreeze coming soon so I just gonna stick with it until the new cage arrives.
  2. sandrachameleon
    strangely enough, some chameleons don't like white or shiny feeding bowls.

    have you considered removing the background foam?
  3. Progrmor
    She´s in a exo terra right now so I cant really freerange them since they often end up behind the background provided with the cage. BUT, she did eat today! Quite alot too! 3 mealworms and a bunch of fruit flies!

    But im still curious about what you wrote about the bowl. Why would a darker bowl be better? :)
  4. sandrachameleon
    Can you try to free-range feeding/offering a single roach nymph? Are you able to watch to see if she eats it (will she eat with you nearby and watching?)
    Have you tried small silkworms? or butterworms? these cling fairly well to branches and vines.
    Maybe try a large dark coloured bowl, in which the feeder prey can move around a fair bit (including some fruit flies initially, to help her make the association - a piece of fruit in the middle of the bowl will help keep some fruit flies in the bowl)