Getting Chameleon-organized

By krbshappy71 · Jul 4, 2010 ·
  1. I'm putting a calendar in the room to mark when I should do the different dustings of crickets. I'm also going to have a different colored pen/pencil for each guy and jot # of crickets eaten. (if any, sigh, I wish Jolly would eat in front of me) This blog works for my discussion of them but at a glance I can't see who ate what and how many.

    I have all the chameleon supply stuff on a small cart by their cages and plan to hang the plastic behind their cages today. Its a goal! I can do it! Feeling really lazy today, probably 'cause its a four day weekend for me so everything is "oh I'll do that tomorrow".

    I also want to pick dates for purchasing the variety bugs so I make sure and not feed crickets every day of their lives. I need to read up on how often to change it up for them.


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