Feeders my Chams eat.

By Sancho · Mar 9, 2009 · ·
  1. Listing of all the food my chams have tried since I had them..

    1.) Silkworms
    2.) Hornworms (doesn't like to much)
    3.) Crickets
    4.) House Flies
    5.) Super worms (Get's addicted so keeping him off for now)

    1.) Silkworms (doesn't like to much)
    2.) House Flies
    3.) Crickets
    4.) Dubias
    5.) Hornworms
    6.) Super worms
    7.) Meal Worms (used when I first got her and didn't know better! No longer use them)
    8.) Wax Worms


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  1. sandrachameleon
    A mealworm now and then aint so bad :) better than waxworms!
    have you tried butterworms?