Dealing With The Loss of a Pet

I have been very sad having to deal with the loss of my chameleons. I feel like someone has ripped out my heart not just once but multiply times. At first I was in shock and denial then anger and depression. Since tax season is over I am staying busy to keep my mind off everything but it’s still so very hard. These guys have been a constant part of my life and brought me so much joy. I feel devastated by their loss. We buried the boys in our little grave yard beside the house. They each have markers and flowers. I have had many long cries, prepared memorials, photo collages and talked with many of you here about my losses. Some people don’t understand the pet/owner bond and would never understand my pain the way my friends here have. Some of you have gone through the same feelings that I’m going through. Chameleons are way more than “just a lizard” to me/us.

I have been spending way more time with the pets I have left and enjoying every single minute that I have with them. I know they need me to care for them and they help to keep me going. I have tons of work to do that I didn’t do when I was working so I am staying busy catching up. I have also been able to spend more time here on the forums but still trying to keep away from the more depressing post.
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I know its been tough, and there are no words that will help. The fact is that these little guys become part of your family and it will always hurt to lose those that are closest to us. Often the only ones that will understand the way you feel are those who share the same passion for animals that you do. Knowing how much you've given to them and how special they are makes it that much more difficult to deal with.

A piece of our heart dies with the passing of each of our pets, but with each new addition another piece gets bigger! Hope you are doing better soon and you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. :)
I can feel what you are saying. The absence of a pet "friend" that was such a big piece of your life is not trivial. But carry on you must. hang in there
Oh Jann you have had such a terrible time lately. These are the sad and difficult parts of being a great pet owner and your sadness just shows what a great pet mom you are. I have not gone through the sadness of loss for a very long time but I only started reptile keeping just over a year ago. I really admire how much you love and care about your pets and I wish there were more like you!
So sorry to hear never lost a Cham but I've lost a dog and a horse. It's hard.

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