Continuing Setup and Preparing (Juvi coming tomorrow!)

I've been researching and preparing like a crazy person, but it still feels like this is happening ultra fast. Maybe it's just a product of doing so much reading on these forums and blogs, but I feel like I'll never be fully ready for this little guy coming tomorrow. That's also just my personality, haha.

Today I also called a nearby vet who came up on a search for reptile vets to confirm that they did in fact have at least one person who could see my little guy if needed. Not only do they have a lady who specializes in reptiles, but all of their doctors can treat reptiles if needed for emergencies, AND they're actually pretty close to me. #winning Now let's just hope I never have to use them!

I posted a forum getting much needed advice on my setup so far (I've attached the same image again here). Since the posting I've been making the little tweaks and doing what I can to optimize the conditions.

I still need to go to the store and get some aquarium safe silicon for my Mistking system since I cannot for the life of me solve the water leak issue. I have a slow drip at the bulkhead connecting on the outside of my reservoir. It was a bigger leak, and after adjusting, readjusting, and tweaking for hours I still have a constant drip. I just don't think it's going to get any better, so I'm going to get some silicon. This part really has frustrated me about the Mistking, even though I still think it's overall worth it in the end...still a pain in the ass.

I also need to make the trip to get crickets to gut load tonight! This part is not at all frustrating for me, haha! I made a DIY cricket container after doing tons of research and reading. I think mine will work great, especially since I'm only getting enough crickets for one chameleon. I'm hoping to get enough to last a week without them growing too fast too quickly, so there will be some experimenting at the beginning with the feeeders.

I cannot wait to post pics of my little guy tomorrow and I cannot wait to start this! I've definitely got the jitters and I hope I can sleep well tonight, haha!

Bonus picture is a beautiful ensign moth that appeared next to my chameleon cage one day during this process. I didn't even know what it was and sent the pic to my entomologist friend (pays to be a science nerd with fellow science nerd friends in this hobby!). The moth has been hanging out on my curtains and near my setup, haha. Here's to hoping that's a good omen of sorts.


I had the same problem with my MistKing and solved it the same way. You have to drill the perfect hole in your reservoir or silicone it is.
I had the same problem with my MistKing and solved it the same way. You have to drill the perfect hole in your reservoir or silicone it is.
Live and learn, haha. While the silicon fully cures I installed all the other pieces so once the cham settles in I won't have to stress him with a mini construction zone. Thank you so much for all your help and support! It means sooooo much to me!

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