Common Health Issues Part. 3

MOUTH ROT(usually a secondary infection within the body)

Symptoms: (not limited to just one sign) Visible signs of infection, red protruding lips, green/dark brown/black plaque on teeth.

Solution: In this event it is best to see a vet. Any plaque will need to be removed and in severe cases the affected section of teeth will have to be removed.

Tobramycin or Gentamycin opthalmic solution should be used.


Symptoms: Visible signs

1) Burns - Caused by extreme heat. Normally affecting the head, dorsal spine and feet.
*Solution: First Clean sore with a mixture of providone iodine and bottled water. you will need to mix these two, to make a solution that
resembles mild tea. with a sterile cotton swab and solution clean the wound. rinse the wound with saline solution (contact saline solution will work) and then Dab with a q-tip Polysporin or Silvadene topical. Treat once a day or as needed and remember to wash your hands and be as sterile as possible.

2) Hypervitaminosis A: Hypervitaminiosis A Clinical signs mimic a dermal burn and include sloughing of the skin.
*Solution: treatment resembles burn wound therapy, including antibiotics, addressing the open wound and administering parenteral fluid. .injections with highly concentrated vitamin A (e.g. 500,000 IU/ml) should be avoided and this preparation given only orally.
Aquasol A (by Astra) is a good alternative for injection because it contains only 50,000 IU/ml

3) Bruises - also called a contusion, is a type of relatively minor hematoma of tissue. normally blunt trauma from falling.
*Solution: Will heal on its own.



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