Blue and Little Foot UPDATE #2

I haven't replied back in a min. Sorry about that guys!
I just wanted to update you to where I am now. AND YES, it has been a minute...
Blue and Little Foot mated successfully within 30 mins and she has already laid 3 clutches since I've last posted. I'll bring you guys up to date on where were at and the details it took to work.

Blue (Male Panther Chameleon) has never been mated with before. He's 3 now, when mated he was going on 2 1/2 years old. The whole reason why I started this was to give my man Blue a taste of the real world and to enjoy his chameleon life to the best as he could. Yes, think what you want but I did it and couldn't be more happy with it. I took all precautions and felt everything out.

Here it goes-

Little Foot reached a year and was very healthy. She was weighing around 150 grams. Prior to breeding, I made sure Little Foot was getting enough vitamins and supplements and maintained a healthy weight. Occasionally I would take out Little Foot and hold her in front of my males cage and let them see each other. The first time she was non receptive, hissing, and showing black colors. I placed her back into her cage as I knew she wasn't comfortable yet. ALTHOUGH, my male was eager and ready to bounce it out. It wasn't happening for him then.

A week later I decided I'll try it again, I took Little foot and held her up to Blue's cage. She stayed a receptive color(Peachy/pink) and wasn't hissing. I stayed there for about 5 mins. She was still acting receptive as Blue was going crazy-head-bobbing, changing bright colors, etc. so I decided to put her in Blues cage.

Blue was on the far right of his cage and I decided to put Little Foot on the left side to give them a little chance to get a close look. With in 2 mins, Blue was on the hunt and walking towards Little Foot. She remained calm, slowly walking forward playing a little hard to get. Still no hissing, no dark non receptive colors, she was still acting receptive. I was excited.

Blue grabbed her from behind and latched on.

The process took about 20 mins.
When Blue was done he moved back to his position he was in and Little Foot crawled to where the basking spot was. At that time, I removed Little Foot and Put her back into her cage.I kept looking at her. Thinking she's now a woman chameleon HAHA.
I thought to myself when will I know?
Little Foot displayed dark purples, with a light stripe going down the body. She never showed these colors before, I suspected they were gravid colors as I've researched. I started to weigh her weekly and I noticed a drastic change in her weight gain. So that gave me a definite answer as well.

A month later she laid 27 eggs!!!

We took them out and incubated them. They will remain in the cabinet until hatch time.
We incubate our eggs in a plastic container, with vermiculite. Our temps range from 70-75.
With in a month later she laid another 32.

And a month after that she laid 37.

All are incubating. Will post more updates soon!​


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