Bee Rescuing

So this isn't usually what I blog about exactly but it was a light and funny topic, it also ended in a great way. I have a colony of carpenter bees that live in a weird wooden awning I have outside. We have always just let them be. They don't bother us, and pollinate stuff even though they aren't as great at it as honey bees and bumble bees. But I love the carpenters. It's always interesting when they have a particularly busy day and your backyard is swarming with around 15-20 very large carpenter bees. None of them give you the time of day even if you are trimming something they are currently in at the time. They are such sweeties.

So when one found it's way into my house tonight I was obviously worried about how to get him out. He seemed to have developed a fascination with my torch lamp, which is huge and bright which I can understand confusing any insect. Poor babies. This poor guy seemed to be very very confused, couldn't stop moving and was making catching him a pain in the ass. I ended up settling for the tried and true, paper and cup method. The problem was, there was none of the nice flat surface to use. So I had to get the glass underneath him and kind of bump him into the it. The only reason I think it was so successful was because he was dazed by the light. Ended up snapping a small and terrible picture in the few seconds I had him in the cup before placing him outside. I realized it was a horrible picture after I had taken it but I didn't want to stress him out anymore.

I ended up closing the door behind him tight so he wouldn't find his way back in. I am surprised he was even awake at night. I was positive bees slept at night? Will have to look it up. I didn't close the curtains immediately, he ended up being attracted again the the light shining through the glass door we have. That made me stand up, close the curtains and turn down all the lights inside. I am hoping he doesn't have something that is making him act weird and was just confused.
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