A little outdoor time and three more crickets

By krbshappy71 · Jul 10, 2010 ·
  1. Beautiful day here. Overcast slightly with warm temps and a refreshing breeze. Took Swyft out in his enclosure onto the front steps which were out of direct sun but not dark shade either.

    My neighbor came by and asked if her kids could come see him. I said sure, and they came trotting over asking questions about him. They were really good, didn't tap on the cage or anything. He probably didn't like them looking down at him so next time I should figure out whether I want his cage up on a chair or what for height.

    I think I want a different outdoor enclosure for him as this one is heavy with the potted plant in it to carry back and forth outside. It is achievable but not pleasant and I think I would do it more if it was easier. (don't we all tend to do what's easier?)

    I think if Jolly's cage is considered non-contagious (still waiting to hear back on autopsy, maybe I should call on that on Monday) then I think I could use Swyft's small cage as his outdoor cage and Jolly's taller cage for indoors. I would leave a plant in each one so he's comfortable in both. The outdoor one would be with close supervision only. Just today a neighbor's daschund came running up onto my steps to say hi, I am so glad I didn't have a loose chameleon for it to sniff and scare!

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to do just a tree for outdoor time as we have lots of kids and animals on this block. Cats and dogs both are off-leash.

    Swyft zapped his tongue at a passing by wasp that lit on his cage. I offered him three small crickets and he readily ate them. The kids probably would have loved to have seen that but they were gone by then and I didn't want to call them back and possibly stress Swyft out by being watched and the noise of kids exclaiming "wowwww". He didn't change colors when they were around earlier so I think he did ok.


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