2nd Day

:pChamlie was a little more sensitive to the dogs, more like she knew they where there.
She has jumped on eatting Free range crickets but, still has not taken to hand feeding yet; maybe tomorrow fingers crossed . After she had 11 crickets she climbed half way up her home and showed off her happy colors! I am assuming ... (Picture below)

I picked up some play sand and some coco husk/soil to mix up for a recommend plant. As well as a over sized pot to put in her home for a laying bin. (just in case). I will be reviewing my notes and forms if you have feedback on the picture below Comments are welcome !

I also discovered her dripper was missing a valve to slow the water, silly me I was literally using gravity to try to slow the drip from the black hose. My boyfriend called it but I thought the store would have said something when I bought it, I should have listened .. ha ha yeah I know .:ROFLMAO:

I also ordered some items from Amazon yesterday. Some different colored fake plants, the stores here in town where limited on the styles I felt. As well as reptile solution for the water and some IVY vines. Along with some longer sticks then I could find in the stores: I’m hopping I can use to make more crawling spaces... she has one small Vince and a medium one... Do you think we should possibly get more ?

The only thing (y)I’m thinking is moving her home to a more direct sun light path from the window ... :notworthy:maybe in a month or two, I know she would enjoy it but I would hate to set her back in trusting us.

Chamlie is tucked in her new spot she likes to hide in. I am looking forward to getting this plant and bin in her home tomorrow along with the plants from Amazon....
Good night everyone !
Thank you for checking in with Chamlie


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